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We believe thriving children create thriving communities. To that end, we focus on a community-wide response to childhood trauma that combines excellence in treatment, state-of-the-art education, and community oriented prevention initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of child maltreatment and promoting the safe and healthy development of children.

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UNICEF has released An Agenda for EVERYChild 2015, highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals and calling for children everywhere to be at the heart of this new global agenda:


World leaders are setting out a roadmap for human progress over the next 15 years. Known as the Sustainable Development Goals, these new global targets will drive investment and action in virtually every country on earth, touching millions of lives. That is why it is vital that every child is included – and that children everywhere are at the heart of the new global agenda. 2015 should be a year of global action for children, engaging everyone – governments, institutions, corporations, communities, families, and individuals in every country – to demand and drive change for every child.

The first of the 7 goals identified is to "end violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse of children". And, importantly, the agenda recognizes this as an issue in all parts of the world.

Violence against children is a universal problem affecting every community and every country. Despite its prevalence, violence against children often hides in plain sight. More must be done to encourage people to speak out when they see or suspect violence against children, to raise awareness in schools and communities, and increase investment in social welfare systems and services that protect children from harm and provide support to those who are already victims.

For more information, visit UNICEF.


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