Special Video Presentation


THRIVE is very pleased to make available these video presentations for viewing by parents, caregivers, and others interested in child abuse prevention and the safe and healthy development of children. International trainer and advocate, Cordelia Anderson, has kindly allowed us to share these recordings of her thought provoking and highly informative workshop for parents (held in Hamilton in 2010).

From Dr. Seuss to Pornography: Helping Boys and Girls Navigate a Sexually Toxic Environment

***Please Note: the following videos are intended for adult audiences and may contain topics or information not suitable for younger viewers. Parental discretion is recommended. For ideas and information about how to talk to children about sexual abuse, online safety, sexuality, and healthy sexual development, please see the list of resources at the bottom of this page.

Full Workshop Video

In this workshop, Cordelia Anderson explores the many ways marketing, technology, media, and pornography are desensitizing our society and making sexually explicit images and culture "normal". With many examples of the "sexualization" of childhood, she shows us the impact of a sexually toxic environment on young, developing minds. Designed for parents and caregivers of children and youth, this presentation is also informative for anyone concerned about child abuse prevention and the safe and healthy development of children. Filmed with a live audience of parents, foster parents, and other caregivers, the workshop includes ideas and actions to help combat the effects of today's sexually overloaded environment and "pornified culture" at the family, community, and society level.


Full Workshop Video (1 hour, 12 minutes)

Cordelia Anderson is  an advocate for primary prevention and social change. She has devoted her life and work to preventing sexual violence. Since 1976, she has worked to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and youth. In 1992, she started Sensibilities Inc., a training and consultation business focused on prevention. Cordelia trains internationally and has presented more than 2,000 workshops. She is the recipient of various awards, including the 2006 Outstanding Professional Award from American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC). Cordelia consults with programs locally and internationally and has appeared on a variety of news and talk shows including Oprah. She recently received the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's Visionary Voice Award in recognition of her sexual violence prevention work.

Workshop Videos by Chapter

Don’t want to watch the full video? You can access the 6 individual chapters of the presentation at your own pace or select chapters of interest from the full presentation below.


Chapter 1 – Addressing The Issues
(22 minutes)


Chapter 2 – The 4 Toxic Streams: i) Marketing and Commercialization
(3 minutes, 30 seconds)


Chapter 3 – The 4 Toxic Streams: ii) Impact of Technology
(15 minutes)


Chapter 4 – The 4 Toxic Streams: iii) Pornography
(6 minutes, 23 seconds)


Chapter 5 – The 4 Toxic Streams: iv) Hypersexualized Media
(7 minutes, 26 seconds)


Chapter 6 – Prevention
(19 minutes, 37 seconds)

The original workshop, held in 2010, was hosted by THRIVE (formerly the Community Child Abuse Council) with support from the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton, Children's Aid Society of Hamilton, CHML/Y108 Children's Fund, and SpecKids Unlimited. We thank these partners for their support, and we thank Cordelia Anderson (www.cordeliaanderson.com) for authorizing the videotaping of this workshop and the sharing of these video links. Our thanks also to Gilles Gagnon, True Connections Video Productions, and Kelly Kotulak for production and editing assistance. Music: Rise & Shine by Alionsonny.

Additional Resources:

  • Stop It Now! (preventing sexual abuse of children) www.stopitnow.org
  • Advocates For Youth (youth sexuality; sex education resources for parents) www.advocatesforyouth.org
  • Online safety resources – click here
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network (multiple resources, including sexual development and behaviour in children) www.nctsn.org
  • Kids Help Phone (24-hour confidential telephone counseling for children/youth: 1-800-668-6868) www.kidshelpphone.ca

For assistance in reporting suspected child abuse or any child protection concerns, please call a Children's Aid Society. In Hamilton there are two, and their phone numbers are below:

Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton Telephone: 905- 525-2012
Emergency After Hours Number: 905- 522-8053

Children's Aid Society of Hamilton Telephone: 905-522-1121
Emergency After Hours Number: 905-522-8053

Workshops like the one above are hosted periodically by THRIVE Child and Youth Trauma Services as part of our education and prevention programming. Training and educational events featuring leaders in the field are designed to focus on evolving trends, emergent research, and best practice in child abuse prevention, education, and treatment. Workshops can also be tailored to meet the unique needs of a professional group or community organization wanting to enhance knowledge of child abuse and its impact, of child sexual behaviour issues, of the importance of early identification, management, and intervention.