Hamilton Changemakers


A Gathering of Changemakers


On July 11, 2013 the Community Child Abuse Council joined with Alternatives for Youth (AY) and Hamilton Food Share to host an event featuring the co-founders of Creating the Future, Hildy Gottlieb and Dimitri Petropolis. Our three agencies have each been exploring the work of Creating the Future, in different ways, and were excited about the opportunity to share these concepts and approaches with our key partners in the community. This "Gathering of Changemakers" brought together a diverse audience to learn and explore together with the aim of creating the future we all want for our community.

Changemakers-sessionWe first asked the questions "what would it look like if all children in Hamilton were thriving?" and "what conditions need to be in place in order for that to happen?". The changemakers in the room, however, quickly took the conversation to a higher level, talking about a thriving community and what it will take to create that. It was a thought-provoking and dynamic afternoon of dialogue focused on shared values and the pursuit of highest potential. We were extremely fortunate to have Hildy Gottlieb facilitate this discussion, and to help us better understand the tools and methods we each can use in our daily work to reach higher and achieve our goals (tools and methods that were already familiar to us, but ones we haven't readily applied to our community building efforts). Underpinning the conversation, and central to the work of Creating the Future, were the six Pollyanna Principles developed by Hildy Gottlieb over many years of work in the community benefit sector. Her book by that same name was acknowledged as a groundbreaking wake-up call for those whose desire to change the world had yet to be successful.

We are grateful to all those who attended the July 11th event, and we invite you (whether you were there or not) to check out the links below to learn more about the changemakers event, the work of Creating the Future, and the path of our local efforts to create a better future for the Hamilton community.

Here are some PDF documents related to the event for you to view/download:

You might also be interested in the "live debrief" of Creating the Future's tour in southern Ontario (including the stop in  Hamilton) on August 7th. as well as the "Creating The Future" website: www.creatingthefuture.org

For the Community Child Abuse Council, this connection to other changemakers in our community is a key ingredient in our ongoing, vision-driven efforts – we believe thriving children create thriving communities, so this opportunity to join with like-minded partners in pursuit of shared goals and values is one we welcome wholeheartedly. We'll update this page whenever new developments unfold and we invite you to join us in this exciting and inspiring community-building work – there is so much we can achieve together that none of us can do alone!