"It's About Time" is the theme of our community campaign to raise awareness of child abuse and its impact on victims, families, and communities. Child abuse hurts us all, and it will take all of us, together, to stop it. For more information about the "It's About Time" campaign click here.

What you can do:

  •   Educate yourself about child abuse
  •   Report abuse or suspected abuse to a child welfare organization – it's the law
  •   Listen, and act, when a child discloses a traumatic experience or abuse
  •   Share what you know – invite a speaker to your business, organization, or community group
  •   Talk about child abuse and encourage others to do the same
  •   Lend your support – make a donation, organize a fundraising project, volunteer your time

This is an exciting time for the Community Child Abuse Council and a milestone year as we mark our 35th anniversary. Over the last few years we have developed and shifted our programs and services to deliver a unique and evidence-based array of clinical response for children and youth. We have introduced education and therapeutic groups to support parents and caregivers of sexually victimized children and youth, and children who exhibit concerning sexualized behaviour. We have also developed the Outreach, Assessment, and Specialized Intervention Services (OASIS) Program to address the unique mental health needs of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and their families experiencing symptoms related to trauma. We have been encouraged and heartened along the way by the level of support we've received from our community partners and experts in the field.

Our 35th anniversary is a reason for celebration – we see successes each and every day in the healing journeys of our young clients – but it is also a time to pause and reflect on all that remains to be done in the fight against child abuse. We're taking steps to engage the community in speaking up about child abuse, and we challenge everyone visiting our web site to talk openly about the horrendous impact it's having on our communities. We'll be adding to our collection of resources to help in that effort, and actively supporting awareness and engagement efforts aimed at protecting our communities from the threat of child abuse. Our Leaders for Kids initiative invites caring individuals to step up and help, and our regular Community Briefings offer news, updates, and the latest research about child abuse prevention, education, and treatment.

It will take our combined and collective efforts at prevention, education, and treatment in order to remove child abuse and its devastating effects from our communities. Until that happens, we provide a welcoming, safe, private space where child and youth victims of abuse and their families/caregivers (non-offending) receive comprehensive assessment and specialized treatment and support to help them heal from and move beyond the trauma of abuse.

It's a busy and exciting time. We are energized about the future, but there is much to be done. We welcome your input, your involvement, and your support.