It\'s About Time campaign logoThe Community Child Abuse Council has spent several years developing programming in direct response to the needs in our community and with much community consultation. Our high level services for child and youth victims of sexual abuse, and treatment programs based on evidence-based research, reflect best practices in the field. The Council also works to raise awareness of child abuse in our community, and to build community relations and support to help us realize our vision of a community free of child abuse. Our goal is to find ways to get the message out, to get people involved, and to expand our services - we simply must be able to help more children.

Campaign Documents

Our strategic plan for community engagement guides and focuses our efforts and includes a campaign that is the centerpiece of our awareness strategy. We wanted something provocative, engaging, and yet simple. The "it's about time" theme grew from our realization that we needed to talk about the children and families who need our help, and also about the impact of child abuse on this community. This campaign allows us to target messages to different audiences, for specific as well as general purposes, and reach out with those messages in a variety of ways.

Our resources are extremely limited, so we must be creative in our approaches and seek partners in our awareness efforts. We invite you to help us spread the word – let us know if you have ideas to support the campaign or to enhance our work. Together, we can make big strides on behalf of children and their families who need our help. It's about time.


Flash Video From The "It's About Time" Campaign Slides

Brian Melo, Honourary Campaign Chair…
and a Leader for Kids!

Brian-Melo.jpgWe were delighted to have Brian Melo as Honourary Campaign Chair for the Community Child Abuse Council's campaign to raise awareness about child abuse and to enhance assessment and treatment services for child and youth victims of abuse and their families. His involvement helped to spread the word about child abuse, and included appearances at specific Council activities. A local native, Brian has supported children's causes in the past. His popularity as winner of the 2007 Canadian Idol competition and subsequent musical career has helped to bring significant attention to our campaign message and to the Council's work. Brian joined our Leaders For Kids initiative in its early stages and appeared on bus shelter ads supporting the Council's awareness messages. We are extremely grateful to Brian for his support of the Community Child Abuse Council.

I understand that abuse can change your whole life. A child can feel worthless, and that kind of pain resonates with me. If I can motivate one of those kids to move forward, to be strong, and to pursue their dreams...that's all I could ask for."Brian Melo